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Founded in 1863 by Ernest Solvay to produce sodium carbonate by the solvay process, the company has diversified into two major sectors of activity: chemicals and plastics.

It was formerly also active in pharmaceuticals, with the main research and development activities in Neuroscience, Gynecology, Pancreatic enzymes, Gastroenterology and Andrology, but agreed to sell that entire division to Abbott in September 2009.

An innovation in the clinical research field was to involve the General Medicine pratctitioners in their every day work and environments, and this was the main reason why The Solvay Parmaceuticals research board decided to use the Digital Pen & Paper technology as the mean to collect data from the field.

E-CRF ® INKDATA ® WAIST platform

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Solvay Pharma  (now Abbott) and its ambitious and innovative WAIST observational research study in Italy involved 200 hundred general practitioners who were provided with digital pen and paper during the patients recruitment (more then 1200 patients) in their every day work.

- The E-CRF platform -

The E-CRF system dedicated to Solvay Pharma S.p.A. (now Abbott) for its WAIST Observational Study all over the italian general practitioners ambulatories, is running and fully integrated with the INKDATA platform for the Clinical Data collection throgh the Digital Pen & Paper technology.

They collected visits information through the Digital Pen & Paper technology and the INKDATA Services providing the management, monitor and tracking of the whole study clinical and logistic data by GM Servizi highly specialized Clinical Data Management web based systems.

The project is conducted by Solvay staff (Italy) for managing and coordinating clinical data coming from orthopedic visits spread in France:

  • Digital Pen & Paper data collection from the field by general practitioners
  • electronic CRF reporting and tracking clinical data entry activities
  • Project and Tracking Management
  • Query Management
  • Real time reports
  • Data export procedures for biometric and statistical analysis

- The INKDATA Digital Pen & Paper data collection -

The project data collection is based on the Anoto Digital Pen & Paper technology.
The surgeons are provided with digital pens and paper based CRF modules.
Following their normal visit reporting procedures they collect the visits' data from the patients; after the visit the send the data directly to the E-CRF platform thanks th the INKDATA gateway (transparent to the users).

The Data in the E-CRF platform can follow the data management process as fror the ither data entry collection ways.

The Miracles roadshow and the INKDATA Digital Pen & Paper data collection

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In 2007 Solvay Pharmaceuticals  S.p.A. chooses Digital Pen & Paper technology and the INKDATA Services for its MIRACLES and WAIST ROADSHOW.

Solvay Pharma takes advantage of the extreme semplicity and the highly innovative Digital Pen & Paper technology and the INKDATA Services for the intensive collection of clinical data during the MIRACLES and WAIST ROADSHOW, a travelling stand where thousands of people can have a free visit collected by specialized practitioners through the use of 4 Digital Pens and thus providing a real time data trackig to the organization staff.

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