Endpoint Adjudication Software Service: eAdjudication®

Ethical eAdjudication ® is a Cloud Software Solution designed to manage Endpoint Adjudication in an effective and quality controlled environment.
With the eAdjudication complete set of software features Study Leaders, Adjudication Committee Members, and Data Manager can deal with the day by day operations of the Endpoint Adjudication Studies in a faster and simpler way.

The eAdjudication software features are bundled in an all-inclusive service with the complete configuration of the Adjudication Forms, Edit Checks and Workflows.
The technical Staff of Ethical take also care of with all the hosting, technical management, GxP validation, training & support operation relieving the staff from all the technical issues related with the software management and charter configuration

  • Executive Summary

    eAdjudication Executive Summary

    Supporting the Central Review & Adjudication of Clinical Trials Endpoints with an exclusively focused & all-inclusive GxP Software Solution.

  • eAdjudication ® Benefits

    eAdjudication Benefits

    eAdjudication ® reduces Costs and Times with an exclusive purpose & all-inclusive Software Service - GxP ready.

  • eAdjudication ® Features

    eAdjudication Main Features

    eAdjudication ® supports Endpoint Adjudication with a user friendly software designed to support Study Leaders, Committee Members and the Q.A. Staff

  • Adjudication References

    Adjudication References

    Clinical Endpoint Adjudication & Images Central review Regulation & Articles Reference