eAdjudication ® reduces Costs and Times with a single purpose & all-inclusive GxP Software System

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Why using costly, complex EDC or PACS solutions for Endpoint Adjudication Management?

eAdjudication ® supports Endpoint Adjudication with a user-friendly Cloud Service exclusively designed for Study Leaders, Committee Members and the Q.A. Staff across the central review & assessment of subjective or image-based endpoints.

It provides the right tools/services to accomplish all procedures in a timely, effective and quality controlled way.

    > budget the Adjudication with a real pre-defined Total Cost of Ownership;
    > implement every Adjudication Charter different workflow ;
    > lower the time & money spent for the Endpoint data package delivery/update;
    > centrally manage & monitor in a single Multi-Study platform the documents and procedures related to differnet Studies.
    > easily access & review the Endpoint information through a standard web browser (also in mobility);
    > take advantage of the integrated tools for the Events' data visualization;
    > make an easy fast assessment with well designed and user-friendly Adjudication Forms;
    > being timely Reminded/Updated about any required action or event change.

    > easily validate the system using the included Validation package;
    > benefit of System Flexibility and Documentation to implement your specific Company SOPs;
    > use a "stage" clone environment for users acceptance tests and Reviewers'  training;
    > audit the supplier and the ISO 27001 hosting environment.

    reduce the software adoption costs through a full outsourced application management (ISO 27001 Hosting, Security, Backups, Monitoring, Business Continuity, etc.);
    > limit the support to internal and external users to a standard browser connectivity;
    > exploit the integration interface API to feed the system with Medical Records coming directly from the source Systems (e.g. Medidata Rave, Oracle Argus, DICOM Platform, CTMS, etc)
    > export adjudication data & metadata in a timely and coherent way (XML, PDF, EXCEL, SAS).


  • supports safety of patients with a faster, efficient and quality enforced assessment;
  • reduces the burdens of the Committee Members with an easy to use professional system
  • lowers Studies' time and budget. 


eAdjudication ® is provided as All Inclusive Cloud Software Service

eAdjudication software is provided as a service package bundled together with all the hosting, technical management, validation, training & support: 

  • unlimited users Licenses of the software;
  • system configuration to map the Adjudication Charter and Workflows;
  • ISO 27001 cloud hosting for system and database;
  • server, database and study data complete technical management;
  • standard users support/integrated online Helpdesk;
  • standard users training/testing in a Clone "Stage" environment;
  • validation package documentation & support.

 This way the eAdjudication® price configure as Total Cost for the software relieving the Sponsor of all the hidden costs often related with traditional software ownership.



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