Endpoint Adjudication: reduce Times and Costs while improving Efficiency and Quality of the Studies

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Adopting the Ethical eAdjudication ® Software Service to manage your Endpoint Adjudication Studies you can improve the Efficiency and the Quality of the Assessments while allowing a Reduction in Times and Costs.


Clinical Endpoints Adjudication is crucial for reducing patients’ risks and bias related with multi-center studies with subjective or image based endpoints.

In fact, where endpoints are complex to assess, include subjective components and/or cannot be blinded, a central assessment of efficacy or safety events, made by a panel of independent experts following a blinded standardized procedure, increases accuracy, independence and homogeneity of judgments.


Often Endpoint Adjudication is implemented as a Paper Process where the event documentation packages are printed and delivered to the Adjudication Committee by mail together with a paper questionnaire to be returned same way with the clinician assessment.

The result is that Adjudication Studies become a time consuming activity and hard to be managed with GxP Quality.

In other cases Clinical Trial Management (CTMS) or Data Capture (EDC) Software Systems are adopted to support the characteristic Processes of the Endpoint Adjudication Studies.

In this case, the Architectural Complexity and Lack of Flexibility of these solutions, originally designed for other other purposes, require many additional efforts to implement the Adjudication Charter and to manage day by day operations.


Ethical eAdjudication® Software Services: exclusively designed for Endpoint Adjudication GxP Management.

The eAdjudication Solution includes:

  • the single purpose Software Platform with a very User-Friendly User Interface and Flexible Workflows;
  • the Adjudication Charter Configuration service for a fast delivery of new Studies;
  • the Training, Documentation and GxP Software Validation Services and  Packages;
  • the ISO 27001 Cloud Hosting and Technical Management taking care of all the Software Systems' Operations;
  • the integrated Staff / Help Desk Support service for the whole study duration.

All eAdjudication Services are bundled in a single All-Inclusive Solution that reliefs the Sponsor of all the hidden costs often related with traditional software ownership.


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