The Endpoint Adjudication Dashboard: keep control with Real Time Dashboards, Graphics & Reports

Eadjudication Dashboard

The Adjudication Coordinator Dashboard, a feature of eAdjudication ® is the tool that every Staff would like to have.

Using real-time smart reporting page the Coordinators of the Adjudication are able to find all the information and data that they need to monitor and manage all the operations.


  1. Events Never Submitted
    the number of Events charged in the system (since more than X days) but not yet submitted for assessment; 
  2. Events Pending Assessment
    the number of Events submitted to the reviewers (since more than X days) not yet completely assessed by Reviewers;
  3. Requests for More Data
    the number of Events for which one of the Adjudication Committee Member has requested more information (since more than X days) because the information in the Event Package is judged not adequate;
  4. Consensus Meeting Queue
    the number of Events for which exists a disagreement among Adjudication Reviewers and consequently are queued for the next Consensus Meeting. (report also the date of the last Consensus Meeting session).


  1. Total Events
    the graphic representation of the number of potential endpoint events  present inside the eAdjudication system compared to the planned total number for the study;
  2. Event Current Statuses
    the graphic representation of all the events present inside the eAdjudication system splitted according to their current workflow Status;


  1. More Data
    the complete list of all the Events waiting for more information available in the Event Package;
  2. Consensus Meeting
    the complete list of all the Events waiting for assesment through a Consensus Meeting session;
  3. Pending Events
    the complete list of all the Events waiting for assesment splitted according to their Reviewer assignment. Represent and compare the Assesment queue of every Committe Members.


eAdjudication ® is provided as All Inclusive Cloud Software Service

eAdjudication software is provided as a service package bundled together with all the hosting, technical management, validation, training & support: 

  • unlimited users Licenses of the software;
  • system configuration to map the Adjudication Charter and Workflows;
  • ISO 27001 cloud hosting for system and database;
  • server, database and study data complete technical management;
  • standard users support / integrated online Helpdesk;
  • standard users training / testing in a Clone "Stage" environment;
  • validation package documentation & support.



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