Serious Adverse Events (SAE) Reconciliation with a GxP Validated eReconciliationĀ®

Reconcile Serious Adverse Events (SAEs) across Clinical and Safety databases with a GxP Validated eReconciliation®

Why continue to Reconcile Safety Data manually when a  new GxP validated software can ease and improve GxP quality?
eReconciliation® allows fast reconciliation from different sources such as RAVE, paper or eCRF, any other EDC – internal or external, Argus safety database, etc. 

Clinical Endpoint Adjudication Data Management with the most flexible software platform

Improve efficiency and GxP Quality of your Endpoint Adjudication Committee (CEC) Management

With eAdjudication® software managed service, trial leaders have control of timelines, the flexibility to adapt to changing conditions and outcomes, and the ability to monitor trends in provider performance and protocol conformity over the duration of long trials.

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