Ethical GmbH, owned and controlled by GM servizi, is a new venture of a TEAM that has been working in eClinical for longtime.

Since 1997 our software’s solutions supported about 300 international trials with more than 10,000 investigators’ sites and hundreds of thousands patients.

Our story as eClinical developers starts in 1997. As GM Servizi, a small software company based in North West Italy, we were hired to design a web application to collect ADVERSE EVENTS. At that time, the TEAM did not have a clue of what an AE was. Yet our enthusiasm allowed us to learn rapidly how SAFETY and QUALITY ASSURANCE work in Clinical Trials.

In 2001 we started to work for a biotech located in Basel area, namely Actelion. Despite the young age, the startup had a brilliant future waiting for it.

Working with Clinical Development departments we delivered so many applications including study tracking, data collection, queries management, coding, reconciliation, adjudication, protocol violations, laboratories, data review, narratives, supply management, documents sharing as many more.

In fact Throughout the last 12 years we have never stopped working side by side with Actelion and other important customers that helped us completing our experience. Our staff travelled around the world to train investigators and support clinical studies' data management. This allowed our small team to learn a great deal from many bright-minded people.


In 2004, well ahead of Cloud market outbreak, we delivered our first eClinical software as a Cloud service.

Hosted by our data centre and technically managed by our Staff, it was used by customers via standard browser connection. This solution immediately simplified the work of customers, who did not have to worry about technical issues, but could focus better on their tasks.

In 2008 as GM Servizi we achieved the ISO 27001 certification assuring that our customers' data are managed with the highest international quality standards.

Ethical Mission in Basel
giving our customers a real experienced ethical team to take care of their issues, not jumbo software systems or nameless support teams.
Ethical GmbH founding Staff
Ethical GmbH, owned and controlled by GM servizi, is a new venture of a TEAM that has been working in eClinical for longtime.
UCR Uppsala Clinical Research Center Audit Executive Report
Ethical successfully Audited by UCR ( Uppsala Clinical Research Center ) as a qualified provider of Electronic CEC Adjudication system
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