Ethical Systems & Data are hosted and managed in a ISO/IEC 27001 Certified Environment



The software design and service provisioning are based on a hardware/software and organizational structure that ensures compliance with the ISO 27001 Information security management system (ISMS) requirements and security controls:

Certificato ISO 27001

  • Formal Asset and Risk assessment,
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery,
  • Logical and Physical Access controls,
  • Security and prevention,
  • Backup & Restore SOPs,
  • Periodic internal audits.

Every Ethical Portal and its software packages are mainly offered as Services and are developed, released and maintained in conformity with:

  • ISO 27001 procedures and SOPs for good practice, prevention and management,
  • Security controls for physical and logical access to premises, equipments, services and information,
  • Confidentiality controls on customers' information and data,
  • Integrity and Availability of services,
  • Constant up-to-date monitor and training on possible informatic vulnerabilities and threats.

(*) Provided in partnership with GM Servizi srl




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Ethical ® Cloud Software Services for Clinical Trials

eAdjudication Events menù
eAdjudication ® for UCR Uppsala
Uppsala Clinical Research Center, a top Academic Research Organization from Sweden, adopted Ethical eAdjudication ®
eAdjudication key variables trend graphics
eAdjudication ® for Actelion
Actelion adopted eAdjudication for their SERAPHIN trial to improve the efficiency of the data collection and the quality of their process
Eadjudication Dashboard
Stanford Center for Clinical Research Adopts Ethical eAdjudication®
The Stanford Center for Clinical Research (SCCR), the academic research organization (ARO) housed within Stanford’s Department of Medicine, has adopted Ethical Clinical’s eAdjudication® cloud-based platform to manage the central adjudication of clinical trial endpoints.
CRO Partnering Program
Ethical CRO Partnering Program
How a Technology Partner can help Clinical Research Organizations to better focus their core business