...Trial sponsors should have enough of meaningless software complexity, huge budgets and absurd timelines...”   Mimmo Garibbo - Director

In late 2013, looking for skilled professionals and innovation, our founding Staff decided to setup a new eClinical exclusively focused company in Basel in order to take part in one of the most dynamic Life Science district in Europe. 

With Ethical we want to build over our Staff past experiences: since 1997 our software’s solutions supported about 300 international trials with more than 10,000 investigators’ sites and hundreds of thousands patients. 

We know that trials Sponsors really need faster and simpler Endpoint Adjudication software adoption & integration processes.

For this reason, we decided to provide them a mix of “out of the box” effective Endpoint Adjudication software features and a complete technical infrastructure management using the Cloud software as a service provisioning model.

But the software we make is only the foundation of our service: quality, empathy, flexibility, customization and openness to integration are our complementary strategic keys.  The name Ethical was chosen precisely for the importance we gave to sensitive data services and to working relationship.

In a nutshell: we want to give our customers the Best Software Solution to manage the Clinical Endpoint Independent Review & Adjudication in a Simple, Effective and GxP Compliant way.