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Finceramica, created in 1992 as a spin-off from the Institute of Science and Technology for Ceramics, is now an integrated company part of Tampieri Group which develops, produces and markets innovative therapeutic solutions in the biomedical field.

Finceramica is specialized in technological development of bio-ceramic materials and custom-made solutions for neurosurgery, cranioplastic and spinal surgery.

E-CRF ® Custom Bone platform

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The E-CRF CustomBone platform is developed for post marketing requirements of CE Marking products required by the Directive 2007/47/EC in relation to the Finceramica  custom-made bone substitute for cranioplastic surgery named "CustomBone".

The project is conducted with the scientific collaboration with the Italian Society for Neurosurgery and distributed by Codman-Johnson&Johnson.

The E-CRF platform is taylored for two main purposes:

  • import of surgery data from the IBM Custom Bone Service portal
  • integration and remote data entry of follow up visits data by the surgeons
  • adverse events reporting
  • query and export of the resulted clinical data

E-CRF ® Maioregen platform

Finceramica Maioregen

The Finceramica MaioRegen is a three-dimensional matrix which mimics the entire osteo-cartilaginous tissue. It's a new therapeutic concept, inspired by nature and shaped by state-of-the-art Nanotechnologies. It promotes and guides an effective bone and cartilage regeneration, thus restoring the natural joint physiology.

The E-CRF Platform is developed for hosting the Maioregen WEB Registry in a dedicated environment accessible by the authorized investigators and Finceramica distributors.

Granted users can insert and visualize infomations about pre-surgery visits, control and follow up visits thanks to web based tools that enables the following functions:

  • Easy-to-use remote data entry masks
  • Built-in check and alert driving a correct data entry process
  • Visual and complete visit tools (e.g. VAS)
  • Query and data management for the study coordinators
  • Report and data export for statistical analysis
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