Endpoint Adjudication: Stanford Center for Clinical Research Adopts Ethical eAdjudication® Cloud-Based Platform

The Stanford Center for Clinical Research (SCCR), the academic research organization (ARO) housed within Stanford’s Department of Medicine, has adopted Ethical Clinical’s eAdjudication® cloud-based platform to manage the central assessment of clinical trial endpoints by an independent CEC (Clinical Endpoint Classification) committee.

We are proud to work with SCCR on its mission to innovate and support high impact clinical research to improve human health,” said Mimmo Garibbo, Director of Ethical Clinical. “Our new eAdjudication® solution will help improve efficiency and data quality in the adjudication process."

Ethical Clinical designed eAdjudication® for AROs and CROs to enhance the endpoint adjudication services they provide to clinical trial sponsors.Users of the system include Uppsala Clinical Research Center, a top ARO based in Sweden.

Ethical Clinical’s adjudication solution provides access to a cloud-based platform that includes a rich array of integrated online tools to support the management of endpoint assessments and the submission of information packages to independent CEC committees.

Committee members can complete their assessments by following a pre-defined and customized workflow. All tasks are performed within a quality-controlled and validated environment that has been designed to reduce the burden of the users through simple and streamlined processes and an easy-to-use software interface (smart phone or tablet enabled).