Benefits of using a Cloud Software Service for Electronic Data Capture ( EDC ) & Data Management


e-Crf ® EDC Cloud Software managed as Service  

Ethical e-Crf ® Cloud Software Service supports Clinical Trials Data Management with a Software Platform designed to support Sponsors, Study Leaders, Monitors and Investigators.

Electronic Data Capture (EDC), Screening & Randomization (IWRS), SDV, Data Cleaning & Queries, Data Export & Reporting are the main features.

The eAdjudication Solution includes:

  • the e-Crf Software Platform with a very User-Friendly User Interface and Data Management Tools;
  • the Protocol Configuration service for a fast delivery of new Studies;
  • the Training, Documentation and GxP Software Validation Services and Packages;
  • the ISO 27001 Cloud Hosting and Technical Management taking care of all the Software Systems' Operations;
  • the integrated Staff / Help Desk Support service for the whole study duration.

All e-Crf Services are bundled in a single All-Inclusive Solution that reliefs the Sponsor of all the hidden costs often related with traditional software ownership.



  • As STUDY LEADERS & STAFF you could
    > delegate to fast and experienced staff the implementation of the Trial Protocol and CRF inside the system;
    > lower the time needed to setup, configure and deliver the system;
    > centrally manage & monitoring all the relevant events;
    > trust on a Service Level regulated technical support.
  •  As QUALITY ASSURANCE you could
    > easily validate the system using the included validation documentation package;
    > benefit of Staff support and documentation to rapidly implement your SOPs;
    > use your "stage" clone environment for users acceptance tests and training;
    > audit the supplier and the ISO 27001 hosting environment.

  • As IT STAFF you could
    reduce the software adoption costs through a full outsourced application management (ISO 27001 Hosting, Security, Backups, Monitoring, Business Continuity, etc.);
    > limit the support to internal and external users to a standard browser connectivity;
    > exploit the integration interfaces to feed the system with the events and easily get back trial data in a timely and coherent way.


  • budget the Trial software operations with a real pre-known Total Cost of Ownership;
  • reduces the burdens of the Investigators with an easy to use professional system;
  • lowers time and budget of the Data Collection operations. 


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e-Crf® eClinical Portal Main Software Features
Trial Tracking, Electronic Data Capture ( EDC ), Screening & Randomization, Data Cleaning & Queries management; Data Export & Reporting.
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