Ethical CRO-Safe Partnership Program

The Ethical CRO-Safe Partnership Program brings together Ethical’s cutting edge technology and know-how in clinical committee processes with CROs’ business, medical and clinical skills, under one single point of contact for Sponsors. Ethical specialize in the software, so CRO partners can safely focus on the clinical business and trial operations, providing that differentiation from the competition.

Ethical’s portfolio of innovative and flexible software allows CROs to provide the most up-to-date services for efficient and compliant clinical committee management

Ethical’s innovative, AI-powered software solutions for clinical committee management are flexible and can be quickly configured or customized to meet the needs of any organization and clinical trial. Configuration, integrations, imports, exports and processes are implemented according to your Sponsors exact requirements. The Ethical CRO-Safe Partnership Program applies to all Ethical SaaS products. Depending on the CRO or Sponsors’ needs, the partnership can cover one or more products.


Partnering with Ethical helps CROs stay ahead of competition

Joining the Ethical CRO-Safe Partnership Program is the winning choice for CROs looking to optimize clinical committee management and build confidence with Sponsors.

With Ethical, CROs benefit from the most trusted solutions on the market for managing complex clinical committee processes. Ethical’s track record and proven technology not only supports streamlined processes, but also benefits from continuous product R&D by a team of passionate software experts. Partners benefit from an attractive program tailored to their needs with ongoing support from dedicated experts who are committed to the success of their Sponsors studies.

Streamlined processes

Designed for intuitive, user-friendly experience, Ethical’s interfaces guide users to perform their part of the process step by step, sending timely reminders to keep up the pace and, in the end, save clinicians time, improve process compliance and accelerate timelines.

Strong software R&D

Ethical’s software solutions for the online management of clinical committees are powered by innovative AI technologies and benefit from continuous product improvement to ensure that products always remain at the forefront of technological advances and fully compliant with changing regulatory guidance and GDPR.

Multifaceted support

Ethical’s partnership program offers a variety of support options including technical assistance for the deployment of the technology, staff training, first and/or second level support, dedicated communication channels, and ongoing, tailored assistance from committed experts. It really is fully flexible to match the level of support required by the CRO.

Value for money

Ethical’s flexible pricing model aligns to the chosen level of support. Every CRO is sure to find a cost-effective offering tailored to their specific needs, whatever market they are targeting.

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